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Powered by ultra-pure, premium-grade WHEY protein blend with no artificial growth hormones and No Soy Ingredients, NuGO STRONGER amazingly delicious sports protein bars represent the ultimate combination of outrageous flavor and function. NuGO STRONGER is Lower Sugar* (no sugar alcohol Maltitol), Gluten-Free, Non-GMO and packed with 25g of a premium-grade protein blend, powered by high-quality rBGH-free whey protein.

Whey Protein • Lower Sugar (No Maltitol) • No Soy Ingredients** • Certified Gluten Free

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See How NuGO STRONGER Stacks Up Against Other Brands:

"I highly recommend NuGo Stronger Caramel Pretzel to all my clients, as it is the best tasting protein bar I have ever had, and the whey protein absorbs quicker resulting in better post workout recovery." – Tyler Tosunian, CrossFit coach and competitor
“Insanely delicious!! It’s a very sweet bar, in a good way. Not overly sweet, not artificially sweet. More like, real caramel sweet. It’s so good! The best part is that you get real textures, one of which is pretzel. This is probably the best tasting protein bar I’ve ever had!” – Coach Levi, cycling coach
“The nutritional profile of the bars is good, but what stands out the most is the taste. Each of the four flavors, dark chocolate, cookies and cream, caramel cluster and peanut cluster tasted like candy bars.” – Richard Choueiri, Bodybuilding
“The Caramel Pretzel is my favorite…the perfect combination of sweet and salty. What a perfect way to refuel after a tough workout!” – Kimberly Bouldin, blogger at and Gluten-Free is Life
*Lower sugar than a regular high protein bar at 20g.
**Except Cookies 'n Cream, which contains Soy Lecithin.
All STRONGER bars are manufactured on equipment that also processes products containing tree nuts, soy and egg.

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